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My travel archive.

Pacific Northwest Road Trip!

Last summer, my husband and I went on a 6-week road trip starting in San Francisco, passing through British Colombia, and exploring many of Western America's best national parks, as well as hidden gems. Since returning, I've been daydreaming about spending more time on the road. So when Christina, my friend from college, said it was her dream to drive along the west coast and explore the Pacific Northwest, I was totally in.

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Ubud: Vaginal Steaming & Beyond

I went to Bali for an adventure and some yoga, not to have my vagina steamed. But, steamed it was. Bali is everything youʼve (probably) ever dreamed up, and so much more.

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Stranded on Crete: When ATMs Turned into Slot Machines

Did you ever notice the sound an ATM makes when dispensing money? Sort of a rolling trilling sound as your cash is being counted. Fives. Tens. Fifties. I never noticed it. At least, not before my trip to Greece. Not before ATMs turned into slot machines; you put your card into the slot and hoped for the best. Would I walk away with anything or leave empty-handed? It was a gamble.

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In this space I'll post stories about adventures I've had, travel tips, and more.

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