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Ubud: Vaginal Steaming & Beyond


Ubud: Vaginal Steaming & Beyond

I went to Bali for an adventure and some yoga, not to have my vagina steamed. But, steamed it was. Bali is everything youʼve (probably) ever dreamed up, and so much more.

The charming village of Ubud is the place that comes to mind for most people when they hear about Bali. While Ubud doesnʼt have beaches, and there are many exciting and adventurous experiences to have all over Bali, Ubud is an anomaly in the middle of Indonesia. Asia is my favorite continent, and Iʼve explored most of it, either through living locally or through traveling. And never have I come across a place like Ubud.

For the people of Ubud, being happy and healthy, as in genuinely happy and healthy, is more important than anything else. Being grateful, taking care of themselves, and spending quality time with friends and family far outweighs anything material. Every single morning, the Balinese, young and old alike, perform an inspiring ritual, which is very laborious to prepare. They express their utmost gratitude to their gods, as they believe it will allow them to live in harmony and live a balanced life. We might remember to be thankful on Thanksgiving, but they do it daily, as it is part of who they are. 

In the mornings, I quietly watched as the woman of our compound gave offerings to the gods, prayed deeply about everything that she was grateful for, small and big. She then blessed the house, the swimming pool, our motorbike, our shoes, me. I, in turn, felt grateful as well, it was hard not to. The Balinese believe they are blessed, and in believing so, they are in fact, blessed.

Beyond their amazing and inspiring mindset towards life, they take care of their bodies in a way Iʼve never seen in the Western world, or for that matter, even in the Eastern world. To say they eat healthy is an understatement. Everything they eat has a purpose, and itʼs purpose is how it can boost or maintain their health. Their diet is pure and simple and clean and beautiful and so delicious.

I felt as if I was living within the “foodporn” hashtag. I didnʼt even have to try to find healthy food, healthy food found me.

In Ubud, you will also find a commitment to relaxation, but not in a generic made for a postcard way. In a way where itʼs woven into the fabric of their culture. Everywhere you look, massages and body treatments of every kind are offered. The people who are offering these services believe this is an important part of your livelihood, because itʼs an important part of theirs. 

Believe me when I say, I tried every kind of service, each one better than the last. Which is how I ended up getting a vaginal steam bath. It is exactly what it sounds like, and feels even more amazing and cleansing than you can imagine. An hour and $12 later, I walked out of there feeling like a W-O-M-A-N.

The craziest thing is that these services were not only incredibly cheap, but I never once got the feeling that anyone was trying to rip me off, which I have often felt in many countries in the world.

There are so many other things to love about Ubud. The yoga classes are incredible and inspiring. You donʼt even have to try to find beauty, because is exists everywhere, both in the landscape and in the people.


You cannot help but to radiate happiness in such a place, as the Balinese do.

‍And now you have a rainbow of reasons to go and see for yourself. Why not!?